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Re: lawtonglenn@gsmai.com

2. I've been doing some business with them for 11 years, and I know
   that there is MSRP, Wholesale, Invoice, and then the price that 
   they really pay after promotions etc. Since this is a hot car,
   and kind of low priced, should I expect to get much/any off??
   He offered to split MSRP/Wholesale, with me, which is $1,520 off
   the $26,860 list for 1.8Tq/5spm/sport/pearl/heated seats.
   Is 5.7% off good??
I live in Mass and I was easily able to negotiate a price of Dealer Invoice
+ $900 on my 97 A4 2.8 (They took my first offer, I wish I had started
lower). I don't want to mention which dealer I used, but that shows that
they will go at least that low. If you shop around, you'll be able to get
that price. If you want to use P&W in Burlington, just tell them that you
need Invoice+900 or you will go to a dealer who will sell at that price.