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need Turbo help-Cheap mods not $1000 ones

Yesterday, I asked for some advice on how to get more boost and keep the fuel
pump on. Durability, mileage, and cost are concerns. The main thing wasd the
price. I know every place that does Audi mods. I specifically asked for cheap
ones b/c I'm a college student. All of a sudden I get mods like changing my
turbo and doing the chips and what not. That's expensive. I do have extra
computers and turbows from the previous owner of the car, but I don't want to
get that far in to it. I remember a while ago someone knew how to wire some
stuff (for lack of a better word) to fool the fuel pump in to staying on. I
could run a jumper across the power terminals for the fuel pump, but I don't
want to. At the most, I'll do a boost spring ($50 at TAP) AND THE MOD TO MAKE
THE FUEL PUMP STAY ON. DOH! I'd just like a few more horses. Nothing major. I
have an auto (they were only made in auto for that year and my dad wouldn't let
me buy a stick) and I would like it to last the life of the car. Maintainace is
religious and mileage is 60k. Any help anyone can give me would be appreciated
greatly. Thanks!
'84 5ksT 60K

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