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Re: USA Quattro Meet


> has abolished it's speed limit laws. This state is, of course... MONTANA!
> Imagine.... 

I think that, along the lines of "Arkansas" being pronounced "Arkansaw," 
the actual pronunciation is "Bahntana." I haven't been there yet, but it's 
my understanding that the local REOs frown on out-of-staters getting into 
triple digits. "Reasonable and prudent" is pretty open; if you get clipped, 
you'll probably just have to pay, rather than travel back there to contest 
it. Plus, I'm a little leary of driving my car 1100 miles before I try to 
break it (any ur-q folks second that?).

>        I feel that renting out a track for the weekend is probably a much
> better, and safer alternative. However.. I thought I would pose the idea 

The track sounds good to me. Maybe we can meet at many "local" tracks--LRP, 
WG, NHIS, Portland, Firebird, Road America, etc.--and come up with a way to 
index all times. The SCCA PAX handicap makes me think we might be able to 
use the fastest time of a car that's run everywhere (911, M3, ?) to have 
nationwide ranking, while only having to drive a few hundred miles.

Say your '87 5kcstq runs a 1:37, and the "reference" car runs a 1:21, both 
at LRP. Your time is then (60+37)/(60+21)=1.20 the reference time. At Road 
Atlanta, another '88 5kcstq runs a 2:11, and the RC runs a 1:57. This time 
is then 1.12. The '88 has "beaten" the '87 even though they competed 1200 
miles apart. Not an ideal setup for _perfect_ matching, but it could work. 
We could use multiple classes:  NA 4k, Turbo 5k, stock, nasty, etc.

> Montana as a gathering site to the list. Any listers from Montana, or
>  anybody
> been there since the speed-limit law was removed?
>                                -Osman Parvez
>                                 89 200q
>                                 Siena College
>                                 Albany NY

(better) suggestions, "YOU BONEHEAD!"s?

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