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Driving in snow... skid control

>So.  Anyone have opinions on the relative merits of snow
>tires on a quattro?  (I'm in northern NJ, and am considering
>something like Blizzaks or Guardex).

That's why I bought the quattro....  winter... and no lumbering sport-ute 
with balloon tires, but a very nice car with traction galore to boot.

I put the Continental 750 + steel rims on my car (only because I got a 
package deal).  Would have preferred the Blizzaks cause people hear swear by 
them... just take them off before the weather gets warm or they will wear 
out FAST.

Noticable difference with the snows....much better traction than the all 
seasons.  Snow of 1 ft isn't even a concern.  You can turn and do whatever. 
 1.5 feet is touch and go since the plastic belly under the engine packs the 
snow efficiently....  2 ft got me stuck (the snow plowed me in at the end of 
the driveway), cause it raised the wheels sufficiently.... but locking the 
rear differential and only a push from two other people got me out.  I then 
proceeded to pull out two other cars (a GM wagon and a Honda.... ha, ha, ha, 
the Honda cars are light and have little ground clearance!) through the path 
I just cleared.  Snow drifts?  Just hit them... I've lost one plastic wheel 
cover.... and make sure it's not high enough to do in the plastic grille. 
 Also love that rear fog light for those blinding, drifting conditions...

BTW, to each their own... for the above mentioned reasons, I bought the '93 
100CSQ instead of the S4, cause the 100 has an extra inch of ground 
clearance!  I have four on the ground and I'm not afraid to use it!

FOR DISCUSSION:  First snow, I hit those large empty parking lots to 
practice skid control.  Unlike FWD, the quattro loves to skid sideways.... 
that's a lamp post special!  I found that the best way to get control  back 
is to actually give her a bit of gas.... lightly, and slowly, she comes 
back, all the while, one is focusing at a stationary point in the horizon 
and spinning the steering wheel frantically towards it.  Remember, that a 
skid in one direction, once corrected, will result in over correction and a 
skid in the other direction....

Does anyone have other suggestions and proven methods to control quattro in 
a spin/skid?

Tony K

Toronto, ON  - this is banana belt.  The snow hits Buffalo to the south and 
Barrie to the north.... it'll rain in Toronto.... darn!