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Re: Stinkin' Liar (was:USA Meet Geography Check)

Paul_Royal@isserv9.idx.com wrote:
> ...Glenn Lawton will tell you I'm a stinkin' liar...
> ...I haven't had a ticket in over 9 years....
> ...I've been stopped at least 1.7 million times...

Well, if you're not lying now, reality will soon
bite you, and your words will become lies. 

> Digressionfrom David Letterman last night:
"...in a traditional Veteran's Day ceremony, President Clinton
laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier this morning.
The wreath sued him for sexual harrasment this afternoon..."
> End of Digression 

There ain't enough wood around for you to knock now, son,
you've taunted the ticket gods, and you're time is up. 

Maybe if you touch Woody, the Internet Pecker?

Glenn Lawton