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Re: A4 1.8T questions

At 11:38 AM 11/12/96 -0500, Glenn Lawton wrote:
>David Robbins wrote:
>> Massacusetts emissions are identical to California 
>> (I think NY uses the same). 
>If that's the case, why three different SKUs?
>0LM     California Emissions        nc      nc
>1QE     Massachusetts Emissions     nc      nc
>NYE     New York Emissions          nc      nc
>Any manufacturer knows that you need to use common parts
>and reduce the number of SKUs to reduce inventory 
>and confusion.

I understand your point, but I've been through this with two cars in the
last 21 months.  The first, a 95 Ford Explorer, I had dealers doing
extensive searches in the entire NorthEast.  They could only sell me cars
that had been prepared for sales in Massachusetts or New York.  Most makes
only list them as CA emissions.  The second is the A4Q.