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Re: ghost in my A4q's climate control

On Nov 10, 11:27am, Reiner Fink wrote:
> Subject: ghost in my A4q's climate control
> I think that there is a cold ghost living in my A4q's climate
> control.
> Cold morning, get in, start the car set the temp to 72deg, set
> fan speed to 3 "clicks". Start driving. Drive for 2 minutes,
> and begin to accelerate up a hill. As I accelerate, the fan speed
> starts increasing as well!

Maybe the fan doubles as an intake supercharger?   :-)

Sounds like an oversight in the software.  The climate control
will set fan speed based on the difference between desired
and actual temp.  However, when the engine is cold, it goes
into a wait mode, delaying the bumped-up fan speed until things
start to get warm in the engine (so as not to blast the passengers
with cold air).  I suspect that during this cold ramp-up, the
martian software geeks who designed this thing forgot to take
into account whether you've put the fan in manual or not.

> Im due for my 7.5k oil change and I am definately
> going to have my dealer look into this, but it would be
> nice to tell him exactly what to do to fix it. ;-)

Nothing they can do.  But if anyone knows what controller is
used in the climate control, please let me know!

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q