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ur-q handling - BIG improvement

Hi folks,

This message is aimed at all the folks contemplating which strut/spring
combination will make their ur-quattro handle the best. I have been planning
a suspension upgrade for quite some time and finally got the project underway
recently. Last night, I got the first big payoff.

Without upgrading my springs and struts, I had all the A-arm bushings replaced,
new ball joints all around, and new front and rear tie rods. Then I had new
top of the line performance tires mounted and balanced (Sport 8Ks) and a 
complete alignment done. The plan was to get the car back to its original
state, evaluate the handling, and see where I want to go from there. I am
really glad I did it this way, and would highly recommend that everyone who
is planning to upgrade their ur-q suspension start the same way, ESPECIALLY
if you are trying to balance a nice ride with excellent handling.

The way the car feels and handles was completely transformed by this relatively
simple procedure. The limits are noticeably higher, the car feels very solid,
and is now extremely easy to blast around on a twisty road. I had been planning
to install Eibach springs and some sort of upgraded strut, but now I think
I am just going to replace the worn original struts with OEM. The handling
is that good now. And the car is very comfortable to ride in.

With the car out of alignment, full of worn suspension parts, and riding on
mismatched tires, the car outcornered a brand new Mustang Cobra on a long
2-lane bending on-ramp. He was almost keeping up, but I was pulling away
from him at about 2mph. Of course, once the road straightened out, he caught
me like I was standing still. So this was the baseline with the worn parts.
So imagine a big improvement over this kind of performance and you can see 
why I'm not going to mess with aftermarket stuff.

For those wondering, my ur-q is an '85 model with factory 8x15 Ronals wearing
215/50-15 Dunlop Sport 8000s. The car has the later style lowered suspension
with no rear sway bar. The car has 85K on it and the suspension is 100% 
original (configuration-wise. Obviously I just replaced a bunch of parts 
with OEM replacements). Struts and springs are original.

My suspension work and alignment, etc, were performed at Chris Semple's shop
(Autobahn) up in NH. I am now "another satisfied customer"!

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