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Re: USA Quattro Meet

STEADIRIC@aol.com said

>Well...... Time for my $.02
>Someone made the suggestion Road America....  That track is NOWHERE 
>the midwest... It's almost up in the graet white north!  My suggestion 
>would either be St. Louis (My home......  Maybe I could help to 
>orginize.......  Maybe I should'nt have said that.......) Or Indy...  2 
>Fantastic Tracks  That I know VERY well.......

>Can you say IRP, IRP, IRP, IRP (Indy Raceway Park)  My old home 
>track for the race school... A track that I know Quite well and would 
>satisify all of the Q-Listers... Way Fast front section for the HP folks 
>and a very technical rear section for the Lo-HP Handling folks.....

Or Putnam Park possibly?  Have you driven there?  Also a nice track from 
what I've seen.  I believe they stop there during the "One Lap".  I don't know if 
it would be easier or more difficult  than IRP to get track time.  I vote for either 
one since Indianapolis is my home (and sort of centrally located.  I don't want 
to get too involved in the geography debate)

Charlie Mills
'96 A4Q