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Re: 91 200Q lights (Various)

"Stadmeyer, Francis" <stadmef@pweh.com> wrote:
>Okay, the latest posting about lights and bulbs have energized me to
>upgrade/fix some of mine.
>What is the general consensus on fog light brands and how do you mount
>them adequately?  ( the Catz in EC look interesting).  What do you do
>for a switch?  I was thinking of connecting them to the rear fog lamp
>switch as an easy way out.  Otherwise I'd have to stick another switch
>somewhere since the coin holder takes up the rest of the dash space

I recently mounted a set of Catz MSPs in the front corners of the lower
plastic grill in my A6Q (where fog lights used to be on 100s).  Since it
was cold out and I couldn't find an easy place to thread a switch wire
through the firewall, I spliced them into the standard fog light
leaving the standard fogs disconnected.  Now the fog light switch on
my dash operates the new Catz fogs.  I had to use the hacksaw to
modify the Catz brackets so that the lights wouldn't protrude out
so far.  Then I cut up the plastic inserts so that they would re-install
around the lights.  The self-tapping mounting screws were a great
help since access to the inside of the bumper is nearly impossible.
BTW, the Catz come with a little switch and wiring if you choose
to go that route.

I have not had a chance to test them in foul weather conditions yet,
but the MSPs are clearly brighter and the illumination angle is greater
than the stock fogs.  MSPs are new.  The lens is small, rectangular,
with rounded ends.