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Re: A4 2.8 vs 1.8T - altitude effects

> All:
> I had an interesting conversation with someone this weekend. Here in 
> Colorado where we _start_ at 5280ft., non-turbo cars are at a 
> disadvantage. We lose probably 15% to 20% compared to sea-level.
> She sez the turbo would make up for the loss of power, I sez that the
> 2.8's displacement makes more torque for faster starts.

Check the Audi web page.  There is very little difference in 0-60 times
between the 1.8T and the V6.

> Does a turbo make up for the loss of external air pressure - ie
> charge 
> pressurization is the same regardless of altitude? Would the knock 

Depends on how they program the wastegate in the computer.  Most likely they
allow a maximum Absolute pressure which would mean that there would be
no loss in power.

> If that is the case the 1.8T would seem a much better bang for the 
> buck.


BTW:  The 150hp of the 1.8T is marketing determined... it wouldn't look
good for the 1.8T to be putting out 170hp or so when that's all the
V6 is managing would it?  Expect 170 is only a chip change on the 1.8T.