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Re: Those D*mn Little Bulbs!!!

Good question!  My radio display has the same problem.  I pulled the 
radio and took off the top panel.  No light to be seen.  The dealer said 
it was not fixable and recmended a rebuilt radio (he aslo said the it was 
junk and to go aftermarket).  But until then, a fix will need to be 
made.  Any "bulb wizdom" welcome.


Chris Tucker
90 80Q

On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Eric Renneisen wrote:

> An extra-heavy piece of my Uncle's fruit cake goes to Ray Calvo for the 
> tips on bulb replacement for the seat heater switches.  An honorable 
> mention must go to Joe Yakubik for the Radio Sh*t P/N for the bulb. (It 
> was the _exact_ same bulb!)  Thanks guys!
> This is the radio station LCD display.  Ray, I know you've been here 
> before.  I searched my personal archives (all digests since #477, 20 MB!) 
> but I could only find messages about the broken circuit board. :^(
> Can you (or anyone else) share some more of your micro-bulb wisdom?
> What I'm looking for is a bulb P/N, gotcha's to look out for, etc.
> Eric Renneisen
> '90 CQ20V  -  my 'running-iron'  ;^)
> Chattanooga, TN