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Re: S4 battery replacement suggestions?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Timothy A. Wicks say:

> I need to replace the battery in my '92 S4.  It's the type that is under the
> rear seat, it has a small black plastic "protector flap" that snaps into the
> battery near the positive terminal to protect from a short with any of the
> seat hardware, and it has a small ventilation hose coming out of one side.
> Must I replace this battery with an AUDI battery that has all the same
> features, or can I buy an "off the shelf" one as long as I at least protect
> the positive terminal???

So soon? My '89 100Q still has the original battery (although it's
getting a little weak).

If you replace it, you *MUST* (!!!) get a vented battery. That's
the little hose on the top. This vents highly flammable hydrogen
gasout of the car.

There are many good batteries to try, which have been discussed
at length on the list before.


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