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Re: Mail failure

On Nov 12,  5:31pm, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> B) This reminds me of an 'episode' I had a few months ago at work. I was 
> in charge of the internet gateway stuff at SNET and they wanted to do 
> mail through an x400 blah blah blah. We had a meeting where I was going 
> to protest the BS rules we had and was going to request some freedoms. So 
> what do I do? I stand up and say " Im having mail performance problems.."
> I still havent lived it down.

I feel for ya, Bob.  At another job a few years back, we all
took the Briggs/Myers personality profiles... you get scores
for various lettered types, E/I,S/N,T/F,J/P.  I scored a particularly
high score on the P side.  Well, one day, we're talking about
a design, or where to go for lunch, or something, and we were
trying to figure out why I did something a certain way.  Without
hesitation, I said, quite seriously, "It's just because
of my large P-ness".  

Silence filled the room, for what seemed like eternity.  Then,
as people began rolling around on the floor in uncontrollable
laughter, I grabbed my coat and went out to lunch.  Alone.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q