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RE: A4 1.8 T Delivery.

They're right - the 5-sp 1.8 Turbos have always been listed as late
delivery (in the price lists and the brochure both). Current word of
mouth is Feb/March/Spring.
- peter

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>Subject:	A4 1.8 T Delivery.
>Hello.  I am in California, and my sister put a deposit on buying an A4 1.8T
>with minimal options about 2 months ago.
>Needless to say, the car aint here, and to add insult to injury, the dealer
>claims that manual transmission will not be available until MARCH!!!!
>Can anyone confirm this?  Do the east coast dealers have any 1.8's in stock?
> And- are they sticks??
>Any help would be great.  Email me direct at