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RE: USA Q gathering.

Does that mean that Steadiric will be able to answer all of our
questions of The Gods? As in "Why? Oh why?" and "Why don't those
switches dim, while those do?" etc. etc. ad nauseam.


- peter

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>Sent:	Tuesday, November 12, 1996 3:20 PM
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>Subject:	USA Q gathering.
>I have a wonderful idea.  Since Steadiric seems to be pushing the St.
>Louis thing and he is one of the Audi gods, we can all bunk at his place.
>Whaddya think?  Eric, care to set a date for this when you are in town?
>BTW, I love NASCAR racing.  Thumbs up Trisha!!!
>Dick Trickle
>'92 S4IA2RS26spd