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Re: Bosch Platinums (was: UrQ Overboost)

In a message dated 96-11-12 20:15:23 EST, you write:

<< I was told that it needed the triple-electrode plugs specifically made for
 this car. Without them, the car just wouldn't run right.
 Well, I did as I was told, and have never had a problem. Bosch and NGK both
 make the triple-electrode plugs. I prefer the Bosch; silly me.... I like
The order of priority is:
FD5POR = Bosch special platins - S4/200 app, expensive
WR7DC = SINGLE electrode copper
WR7DP =  single electrode platinums
WR7DTC = Triple electrode coppers 

The single coppers outperform the platins and the tri's.....  Unless you run
independent coils (S4) the tri's are not the right plug....  Make sure your
wires are correct first, common prollum with the q's....