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Hey Gang,

  I was in at my dealer (Maplewood Imports, Maplewood, MN) for a little
work on the 4kcsq this morning. They had 3(!) A8q's. Two black and one
silver. Oh baby does the boy want one of those. What a gorgeous machine. I
would even think about trading my wife and daughters. Ouch, the little
woman just hit me on the arm for that one. Oh well, I need a new job before
I could buy one anyway. Heck, maybe my parents will kick off and give me my
inheritance early :)
  Well, happy motoring my fellow q-heads!!!

Peace and Knowledge,

Rev. Mark Werner                     '87 4kcsq (139,000+)
(612) 492-6036                           Alexis (7); Erin (5)

"Yeah, we can just add a heap of reverb in the mix. Ya' think?"