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re:USA Quattro Meet

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>I say get your kicks, on route 66. Pick up the route, run part of the way,
and run back home.  Make the timing widely known and people can join in
anywhere along.  If you want to push further east for a starting point
that's cool too!  I just don't know many roads east of the ol miss' - paul t

You got it, brother.  Why not a convergent rolling convoy (apologies to CW
McCall) so people who don't have time/$$ can link up along the way for a bit
.  Say, NW on 66 from LA, SW on something from the rainforest region, NE
through Atlanta from the Southeast and us Northeasterners, if you will put
up with our accents, will struggle toward the southwest on our cowpaths. 
And since everyone has to drive home, the whole pattern could keep growing
after our meeting at whatever became the center!  IE you could follow the
spiderweb back out to the opposite coast and then drive home some other
route....  Personally I'd like to get as far as the Grand Canyon.

Will we be arranging pit stops to keep our cars running?  Can someone run a
statistical analysis of the number of failures we can expect with all these
cars trying to run trouble free at the same time?  How about a chain of
dealers and shops willing to look over the cars briefly for safety checks
and fix broken stuff at some kind of one time discount.  How about a made-
for-cable documentary?  

PS I noticed a long time ago two things about the US geographically - 1)
Missouri is a great base to see the country from.  It's kind of in the
middle, and it inspires you to leave (ouch, sorry). 2) Colorado is still
1000 miles from the Pacific.  The center of the US is a long way from St
Louis.  Not an argument about where to meet - that should just be somewhere
we can all be comfortable.  Somewhere with a large supply of pentosin.
Huw Powell

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