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Re: Those D*mn Little Bulbs!!!


if you took out the radio &removed the front panel, you are 80% there!  The 
LCD display is held in place with Phillips screws, as I remember; take them
out, move the LCD display out of the way, and you should see the bulb.  I
HAVE replaced this also, at one time.  Extra wire on bulb leads is minimal,
so need to do some careful splicing/soldering.  Also, don't pinch the leads
as you reinstall the nosepiece.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro

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<< Subj:	Re: Those D*mn Little Bulbs!!!
 Date:	96-11-12 14:48:41 EST
 From:	ctucker@du.edu (Chris Tucker)
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 Good question!  My radio display has the same problem.  I pulled the 
 radio and took off the top panel.  No light to be seen.  The dealer said 
 it was not fixable and recmended a rebuilt radio (he aslo said the it was 
 junk and to go aftermarket).  But until then, a fix will need to be 
 made.  Any "bulb wizdom" welcome.
 Chris Tucker
 90 80Q >>