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and the Audi gods said, "Let there be light!", V8 Headlights

In message <199611041600.LAA20942@Summa4.COM> marriott@Summa4.COM writes:

> I may be misinterpreting these posts, but I hope you folks aren't 
> "boosting" the fuses in the panel while leaving the stock harness intact.

Jeez, so do I!  Audi wiring is NEVER overspecified.
> Best results come from rewiring with (fused, of course ;-) relays. Use the 
> existing wiring harness for the "sense" wire to trigger the relay. Go 
> directly from the battery to the relay, to the load, with new wires (of the 
> proper guage size for the amp load). This also usually gives another 
> performance boost. Operating voltage at my 9004 bulbs through the stock 
> harness was 12.05 V. Running through the new harness that also supplies my 
> driving lights gives me about 13.3 V.

I think it's better in most applications to go to the alternator.  There are 
two modes of operation - engine turning and engine not turning.  With the 
engine turning, power is supplied to the lights (via the relays) directly from 
the alternator.  This is the lowest loss option of all, and is the normal 
mode.  With the engine not turning and the headlights on (an unusual mode) 
power comes from the battery via the alternator-battery cable, usually more 
than tough enough for the job.

At least, that's how the harness I got from BR Motorsport works.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club