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This month's VW&Audi Spezial magzine

Hi all,

Just a quick note for anyone interested in Audi tuning and body kits:

This month's VW&Audi Spezial Magazine is full of Audi info. Two tuned Audi
Cabrios (looking very nice), three tuned A4s, and an A8 with lowered
suspension and 3-part Porsche Cup-lookalike wheels. The STW-theme A4 looks
very radical, with the Audi rings diagonally across the side of the car.
Pictures, as always, available for anyone with a Macintosh or the ability
to open BinHex 4-coded GIFs or JPEGs. State your wants and I'll scan and

Some time ago there was a discussion about a hardtop for the Audi
Cabriolet, but I can't find whoever asked for it. The hardtop is made by
Styling Garages Ingolstadt. Anyone interested can e-mail me privately for
their address/ phone#.

BTW I'm going to take my dashboard apart again: this morning my !@#$#$
speedometer went intermittent again. One whack on the dash restored its
function, but I still want to know what's going on. I hate it when a
problem won't go away and you can't find anything wrong...

1988 80 1.8S

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