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quattro-digest V3 #1362 -Reply

Ok, I'm a new subscriber and have a couple of questions, so bear with
me if these have been asked many times before I was a "member":

Currently a '95 Saab Turbo owner who's ready to get back into a Quattro
after having owned an '84 4000Q many years ago, I have been both
pricing and getting serious about an A4Q (okay, I also am a sucker for
brilliant yellow!) and have gotten a price of $27,200 for a car that stickers
at $29,100....which seems about as good as I can find here in Pittsburgh,
checking a couple of dealers....any feedback???

Does anyone have any experience on suspension lowering / +1 wheel
mods for the A4Q.....I am contemplating an Eibach kit which claims about
1.4 inches of "loweredness", as well as going to a 225/45-17 on 17x8
tire/wheel package (those A8 polished alloys would nicely offset the
brilliant yellow, eh?) and have concerns over rubbing/fit/cutting for such
a combo. I recently saw an A4Q in Interlaken, Switzerland with
245/35-18's, lowered, and I must say visually it was quite striking...I can
only assume that performance was equally improved, but no driver in
sight and I can't speak German well enough to ask the question!

I look forward to replies, and hope to again become an active Quattro
owner. Saab's aren't bad, as long as they're turbos, just a lot different!


Arlan Stehney
Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Manager
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International