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Re: Ordering a 1.8T

At 09:33 PM 11/12/96 -0500, Ricardo David wrote:

>1) I imagine that when you make your deposit for the order you agree upon
>final purchase price for the vehicle.  Is this correct?  Do you sign some
>sort of contract as to the agreed price?  Otherwise when your quattro of
>your dreams arrives, they can just jack up the price on you.  

Correct.  You agree on a price and sign the paperwork just as if you were
going to pick up an in-stock car the next day.  The deposit should be FULLY
refundable until delivery (if, for example, you don't like the color or the
way that car drives).

>2) I have the invoice prices for the 1.8T.  On top of this I will be paying
>dealer profit, tax, and the $500 destination fee, are there any other
>legitimate costs added to this? (or can destination charge be eliminated)  

No other charges.  You won't get the destination fee waived.  They pay it, too.