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Re: Canadian Prices (Frank Sprongl)

James Fawcett wrote:
> >Ron LaPlace
> >'96 A4Q (and enjoying the 25cm of snow we've just had)
> >        (that's 1 ft. for you metricly challenged 'muricans)

> I thought it was more like 30cm to 1 ft.  Am I right or wrong?

Please pardon the unneccessary precision, but back from my days
as an optics engineer, when such precision mattered:

 1 m	=	39.37007800 in
 1 cm	=	 0.39370078 in
25 cm	=	 9.84251950 in

1 ft	=	12.00000000 in
1 ft	=	30.48000057 cm

"Just because we 'muricans won't teach our kids to speak three
languages cause we're too stuck on ourselves, doesn't mean
we can't do some simple arithmetic"   ;-)

Glenn Lawton