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For Sale - 1990 90Q - 20V

        Moving to California (and buying an A4 or A6 when I get there!!!!!),
so I have to sell my car  :(      (I don't want to deal with California
emissions with an out of state car!!)

        Here's the skinny:

        1990  90 Quattro  20 Valve - 73,000 (Highway) miles - Has winter
package - All dealer options - Red with grey leather - Heated, power, memory
seats - Heated mirrors - ski tunnel - 4 snow tires and 4 "summer" tires (all
with lots of tread left) - Excellent condition - asking $13,900 - Yakima
roof rack available with 2 bike mounts ($250). 

 The only problem I've had with the car in 4 years has been a cracked
radiator.  I replaced it (obviously) and had the water pump replaced at the
same time.  Also, the AC need to be recharged - otherwise perfect!!

        Darrin - Connecticut