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30V v-6 power/torque/breathing etc

While I know as little (or as much) as anyone else about
the 30V V-6, let's look at what we DO know:

(1) Audi claims that they chose 5V/cyl over 4 to widen the
torque curve, not to boost max HP (high end torque).  Thus,
it should have better low end torque than a 4v/cyl, maybe not
more than 2v/cyl, but maybe.

(2) 192/193 HP is a magic number in germany.  At that
point, additional insurance or registration fees kick in,
I understand.  Thus Audi probably limited the HP to 192/3,
and, if we're lucky, tuned it for flatter torque down low-
where they have been roundly criticized, especially by the 
auto tranny crowd.

Since they only got an extra 12% in power, I expect better
torque throughout (justr a guess now).  For contrast,
the 20V I5 produces 26.1% more power than the 10V I5,
at 4500 rpms.

Food for thought.  Hungry?