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Re: supersonic audis...

In a message dated 96-11-13 12:15:53 EST, you write:

<< But I have a 3B engine  - stiffer spring don't help..Although I am
 about applying a "little" boost to the top of the WG and then bleeding off 
 boost to the ECU. Was just thinking that if there was a atmospheric pressure

 sensor that could be fooled into thinking it was reading lower than actual, 
 mught get a little more boost.
 mike miller
 91 200q
The prollum with that is what we ran into when I was racing with the dodge
turbos....  On a CIS system this would work, cuz the fuel is independent of
the computer, the O2 added or subracted only for stoimetric....  With the
electronic stuff you might get into a lean condition cuz the computer thinks
it has less boost than it does, referencing a table that gives boost vs fuel,
will run "computer" fuel lean (at least somewherre in the table, maybe not at
WOT), the O2 circuit isn't designed to make up that difference, it's
parameters of fuel are for minor adjustments around lambda, not for adding
mass amounts.....  Be careful here, I'd sure want to know some more about
that mod before the install, could make Ned et. al. seem cheap in
comparison.....  If there is mass air as the 3rd plane in that table, then
you might be ok, but you should know that first....  Lots of dodges gone
blowed up with this mod you describe....  Hot wire mass air flow was in the
circuit but not on that specific fuel map.....  boom!