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re:USA Quattro Meet

At 12:40 AM 11/13/96 -0500, you wrote:

>I really like this idea. A one Lap kind of idea, sorry Brock Yates, that
allows people the flexibility to get on the train at various points
>throughout the country. Or Two "trains" working their way to a convergence
point. I've been mulling over a post-graduate, tour the >Country, kind of
trip for some time now. It would be incredible to work this in conjunction
with the List. We pick up people as we >roll along, drop people as their
schedules dictate. We could call it the Great Quattro Adventure! 

Well, yep, that was my original idea when I first started this whole thing.
People can get involved as much or as little as they want, as the "train"
travels along.

I'd be thrilled to see it actually happen!! Let's just do it!! I'm sure that
we can figure a way.... as the saying goes... "where there is a will, there
is a way"!!

>Perhaps we could get a sponsorship through a dealer or AoA to follow us
with a support team? I'm sure the cost to AoA would
>more than equal out in terms of publicity. Hmm....

Yeah, it is worth a shot. Perhaps we can get them to lead the pack with an
A8Q, as sort of a media promotion!!
Of course, we should all get a chance to drive it!! Heh heh.....
Perhaps we can get some auto magazine coverage as well.... and perhaps
MotorWeek on TV!! (Gosh, I dream big, eh?)

>As for the NE, the rolling mountainside offers a great deal in terms of
beautiful twisties to run through. Small-towns are always >entertaining with
their warm and friendly, get to know you, kind of attitudes. Beginning a
"train" here would be a good place to >start.

Yeah, that is true. Being from New England originally (i.e. now a recent MD
transplant), there are a lot of nice areas. Like the Mohawk Trail, which I
"discovered" (i.e. got lost) on the way home from the QCUSA Lime Rock event.
Yikes, a day on the track, and a four hour drive home, partly through
back-road twisties!!

I agree with another listmember that posted that we should set up regional
"administrators" to facilitate the different convoy "trains" and their
respective routes. So, once we bottom out on a final/central destination, we
can begin to take volunteers for coordinating this arduous task.

>So here is the REAL question: How do we get this thing rolling, from a
academic discussion to
>a practical experience? I don't want this idea to die out.. it would be
much too great of an experience. 

Well, since I started it, I am still willing to coordinate it all... but I
will need help. I am still compiling data, and will post what the consensus
seems to be soon, but in the meantime, if anyone has any other suggestions,
continue to post or send me e-mail.

What I envision happening is that we settle on a central place and time, and
it will be up to the Regional Administrators to work up the details as to
how they are going to get there and with whom (ie. some will take a northern
route, and others will take a southern route). I will post who the Regional
Administrators are, and those in the respective area can sort out the
details privately. Then when each region has it's territory/route defined, I
will do a massive posting to the list for any new-comers or "late-entries"
to decide if they want to join in on the fun. Periodic updates will be
posted to the list as well.

Again, I will re-read all the postings I've received, and try to sort out a
final destination, but tentatively, I will say that it is shaping up to be
in the St. Louis or Indianapolis area, mostly because it is relatively
centralized, has plenty of "track" potential, is certainly driveable within
a 2 week period (for most), and caters to most of the postings I've gotten.
I have not received too many from further west and toward California, so it
seems that the major concentration will come more from the eastern part of
the country. If we settle on something that does not appease our western
friends, all we can probably do is say "sorry"!! We may have to split this
great group/list up (geographically, not spiritually!!), and look for the
western folks to have a gathering out there separately. :-(

So, if anyone is willing to be a Regional Administrator (gosh, that sounds
so bureaucratic!!), please e-mail me.

Anyway, thanks for the bandwith, and I'll keep you posted.

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S