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RE:Suspension.... BOOiinnnggg...

In a note dated 11/13/96 KURT HUFFMAN asked with regards to 4kq struts:

>1 are BOGE the best for stiff ride and control. ?
Not sure, I was told these were the O.E. struts used in my 87 "commerative
build" 4kcsq with "sports suspension". I bought that car new back then and,
after putting RE-71's on, it handled amazingly good...sold me on q's and I
sold my last 911 soon after. Eric prolly knows best on this one...I defer to
his wisdom.
>2 Are KYB worth saving 15$ per strut?
I'm reluctant to admit to this list that I "cheaped out" this way on my
current q...I did all at once; control arm bushings, strut bearings, wheel
bearings, and brakes, along with KYB's (I had used them in the past on a 911
after being told they are "poor man's bilsteins" which I'm not so sure
of...). This 4ksq (with KYB's) is the third of this type of q I have owned. I
did not do springs and was just trying to regain stock handling traights (on
a low post-divorce budget and all). I am pleased to say that the KYB's work
great. This car at 154k handles exactly like my 87 did when new...no ill
traights and not too harsh a ride which I was warned might be the case with
KYB's...They work really good for me. HTH...

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (and now that the cat is out of the bag...with KYB's and handlin'
real good!)