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Re: USA Q-gathering

Well, there is obviously alot of interest in the Q-list gathering, and
many different ideas on what to do so here is my suggestion.

The listers should agree upon a location (central) for a meeting place. 
A good spot would be St Louis, but after talking to Eric, the promised
road course will not be completed next year as originally promised. 
Another thought was Indy.  This is also reasonably central (not exactly
central) in the US.  There is auto racing history there, there is an
apropriate venue for a track day, and enough other things to do to
entertain the masses.  Overall it is an excellent location.

Eric and I have been discussing these ideas and would like to organize
this event by setting up track time, getting group rates for hotels,
possibly getting something special to do at the Speedway.  People
traveling from different regions can set up "convoys" to Indy thus
getting the road trip camaradere started early.  When all of the convoys
converge on Indy the real fun will begin!

The trick to getting this off of the ground wil be to get organized NOW
and start planning.  People whos are interested in helping plan, like
Eric and I are, should step forward now and those with other ideas and
suggestions should make there wished known now.  Remember that there are
enough people on the list that not everyone will be happy with the final
arrangements, but as long as we can come to a general concensus then
this will be a blast.  Anyway, lets all think it over and start to get
ready for the First Q-List Meeting!


Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri