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Re: Can't get it down!

On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, James A. Zwahlen wrote:
> Trisha Bethen wrote:
> > 
> > Use some WD 40 or other lube.....and gently push it down.
> > It may work.....we had to do that with ours....
> > 
> It's been well lubricated, so that's not the problem. It's the original with 95k miles 
> and 9.5 years old, so I guess it's just worn out.
> jazman

Will someone please reread this whole conversation and tell me what the
#$*%  kind of list this is.  Sorta sounds like one of those teen talk
forums my sister gets into....

Mandatory Audi content:  Just wanted to let everyone know I am also a
	"believer" in the great US Audi gathering...let's not let this one
	die out.  Also, I spotted  Maroon colored A8 and a 911 twin turbo 
	on the same day in Michigan('murican car central) .