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Re: WG control (was fooling compooter and other things)

*** Reply to note of 11/13/96 23:23                                             
Frank J. Bauer                                                                  
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com                 
Subject: Re: WG control (was fooling compooter and other things)                
orin sez:                                                                       
> Of course, you are risking destroying a $$$ computer when you unsolder the    
> EPROM...  I wouldn't risk it on anyone else's computer myself.                
(other things snipped)                                                          

i can be either extremely dangerous or completely ineffective with a            
soldering iron in my hands.  i will trust myself with electrical power          
connections.  if there is an analog or digital signal involved, i defer         
to someone else.  like i said before, just not an accessible mod for most       
of us.  oh, btw, assuming i have $23 worth of EPROM, socket, iron and solder    
in my sweaty hands, how much am i going to spend on that device to burn the     
EPROM?  and how much time will it take to decode the program, locate the maps,  
test new values, etc, etc?  and of course nothing will blow up while i'm        
doing all of this, right?  that's why people send $$$$ to ned.                  
i should also point out once again that that no pre-MC motors (which include    
my app as well as all US-market urq's and other US-market pre-86 turbos)        
have computer control of the wastegate.                                         
please don't take this as a flame, orin.  i'm really happy to see one of us     
"non-professional tuners" doing this type of development.