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Audi commercials (was Mystery Car)

I agree the U.S. Audi ads are rather lame. Here in the D.C. area they run
an ad with a frightened lady that has trouble getting out of her Range
Rover, then some other lady pulls up with her A6 and egresses with ease.
Then some guy quips about the A6 being an alternative to the SUV.

The German commercial for the A6TDi won a Clio Award. . .some award given
to TV commercials. That one feautured a guy leaving for a business trip
and his wife asked him the location of various controls for the A6. He
rattled it off ease. But when she asked him where the fuel tank was, he
had no idea. Implying that the diesel engine was very frugal. It was slick
and the filming was cool. Compared to the local public access T.V. quality
of footage for the AoA ad. 

Thank goodness Audi has regions of devotees like us and competitive
pricing to augment the fun to drive, technologically advanced cars. If it
were for the ads alone, I think they might've ended up like Alfa and
Renault. . .gone from the market. (But that's my opinion)

Seung Lee
93 100S 

*In line with Audi's being used in ads did you see the Fitipaldi wheel ad
with the A4?