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Re: adding oil pressure gauge to 4kq?

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Anyone have a cheap set of gauges out of a coupe that you want to part with
, perhaps with the oil pressure sender as well?  Or at least the oil
pressure gauge and sender.

Hi Dan - make me an offer - I will have a set I don't consider necessary to
save as spares and need to start raising $$ to pay for this fiasco.  How
cheap do you think is cheap?

>Yes, the 4kq is running well enough that I'm now starting to tinker with
non-essential things. 

Wonderful!  I can't wait til I'm there, too!

>Only weird thing was that the other night when I picked it up, I suddenly
lost my headlights and radiator fan, but dash lights still worked.  If I did
a "flash to pass" the headlights and fan came back on.  Sounds like a bad
ground but it hasn't done it again and all the fuses check out...

How about the headlight relay(s), connections to them.  Did the lights stay
on after the flash? Try spraying contact cleaner into the hi/lo switch on
the column.  Think I did that once.

Huw Powell

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