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Re: Great news and some V8 questions

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> WHat is this car worth?
   The book doesn't mean much on these IMO. I shopped for a year before 
buying my V8, and car condition for the V8 means more than for any car I've
purchased. The book will tell you, for your area, what the average value is.
These figures are based on reported sales so are quite accurate. IF you
know what average means. A really clean, pristine V8Q with low mileage
that has never been in a fight, has all service records, and can pass a
very critical inspection by a V8 knowledgeable mechanic is not 
average. Not even close. I'd pay 2-3 thou --even more--over book for a
car like that, instead of buying on the cheap and then dumping money into
it to bring it up to your personal standards.  
> ANy predictions on the value in 4 years and 125k miles?
   Tough question. I've had lots of Audis, 5 BMW's,  MB's, Abarth's, 
Jags, etc, etc... and I'm usually wrong. In general, any car over 100k 
suddenly loses a lot of value to any dealer... but I suspect you will keep
the V8 much longer than that. Much, much longer.
> WHat are the problems to look for?
    The usual Audi probs are there. And obviously expensive... the 
V8-specific parts are killers. Big bucks... hard to believe that I 
paid 115 bucks for one (thats ONE) spark plug wire! OTOH I've had 
fewer problems with the V8 than any other Audi I've owned (except 
wife's 100CS which rarely leaves her heated garage). It's top of the
line, and I think more care when built... and that's just opinion. I've put 
about 50k on mine and have required just routine maintenance.
> What maintenance issues should I be aware of?
   There have been many reports of UFO brake problems. I've not had any. 
Rebuilt front disks run about 325 bucks ea. from the dealer... I've been 
quoted a total brake job for about a thou.  After 80K my pads are about 50 
percent, and all four discs look like new.  But then I'm no PDQ or 
Eric... pretty conservative, except I drive fast, and do a lot of heavy braking in 
mountain passes, etc.
    I've heard of some transmission problems. With fingers crossed, I've 
had none. I think its the same basic ZF tranny I had in the 7series  BMW 
and I flailed that one pretty hard without troubles...
   It's a requirement to change the timing belt at 60K. My figure is 
about 45-50k. It is definitely an interference engine, and those 
valves alone run about 90 bucks each... cheap insurance! Timing belt, 
idler, and water pump (might as well, while you are there) are going 
to run close to 5-600 bucks... I've heard of 1000, but not for me.
> How is the durability of this car compared to 4kq and 5ktq?
   Who knows! I'm going to run mine forever! I put 250k on a 5kT. 
 If I don't get 300k out of it it's my fault not the V8's. It is truly a work of
art, and given good care (Amsoil, Pentosin, timely fluid changes, etc) I don't 
think anyone can predict a limit. My mech. says forever.
> How expensive is it to maintain?  ARe prices much more than 4kq prices?
   Mine has not been unreasonable---but the potential is there.  
> What do major services cost? and how often are they required?
    I'm like Eliot, I don't do major services. I give them a list of 
what I want done -- specifically -- and because I've been with the 
same service folks for 20 years or so, they don't even try to stack 
the deck... and they have been excellent for me. There are some local 
members of our qlist club who will disagree--violently!! 
> Any and all insight, opinions, and info would be appreciated.
    I've said it before on this list. I think the V8 is the best 
driving car on the road (not the track), and I don't even lust for 
the A8. It's a 4000 pound tank, so no drag wagon, but once off the 
line it does fine, even with the automatic. The engine likes to turn 
and seems to come alive (max torque about 4,000 as I remember) from 
3,500 on up. And with 85 MPH easy in 2nd gear, you will startle a lot 
of hotdogs. Prolly not like the A8, but it handles very well indeed, 
outstanding brakes (UFO's really do stop well), comfortable... what 
more can I say. I love the damned car and can't get in it, after two 
years of ownership, without feeling fortunate to have such a jewel.    
> BTW, the previous owner was Joe Ross who traded it in on an S4.  Does 
> anyone know him?  Is he on the list?
No don't know him, but it would be worth your while to contact him... 

Whidbey Island, WA
Hay for me horse, champagne for me lady, Amsoil and Pentosin for me 
love, and draw a Bud for the old redneck...