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Re: Audi Spy photos, pt. 2...

In a message dated 96-11-14 02:20:40 EST, AUDIDUDI@delphi.com writes:

<< After looking at the photos carefully and doing some more research, I now
 believe the "Audi" I captured on film is actually a 5th generation Passat
 with an Audi hood on it.  Although you can't tell from the photos (I have
 posted them to my web site: go to the "Odds-n-Ends" page), it clearly had
 AWD ... since I haven't read anything about this car being available with
 AWD and I can't figure out where it would fit into the Audi model line-up,
 I'm puzzled as to what the VAG engineers are up to.  Any ideas? >>

Sounds like you caught a fifth generation Passat.  I would very much doubt
that Audi would have any undisguised new models running around on public
streets.  The Passat, having already been launched in Europe, and being
available with Syncro (actually genuine quattro, due to its A4 roots), is a
much morel likely target.  It is a few months away from U.S. launch from what
I hear.