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Re:Fog Lamps (1/2 long, inc. statutes)

In a discussion on rear fog lights, Phil Payne wrote:

>There has been considerable debate about these lights in Europe.  The problem
>is the human eye's linear response to logarithmic effects.  These rear fog
>lights are much brighter than normal rear lights, and have the effect of
>reducing the visual contrast between the "non-braking" and "braking" states of
>the vehicle.  That's why they were completely banned in some countries
>(Holland?) and also why the Germans permit only one - so that the brake light
>on the _other_ side of the car retains its shock value.

In Holland only one is permitted as well, but the police don't enforce this
very strictly, so some dumbos fit two anyway. It's very easy to do. When I
bought the Hella Audi 90 rear lights for my 80, twin fogs were fitted and I
took one out myself. The law here states that you can only use these lights
when you vision is so restricted that driving will be suicide anyway. The
biggest problem is that weeks after a foggy day you see lots of bozos
driving round with their fog light still on.
Some years ago, the popular extra was two fog lights, mounted on the rear
parcel shelf, wired to act as extra brake lights. *Very* dangerous because
of the high wattage, and quickly banned.
Another popular mod is to connect the fog lights to come on with the brake
lights, especially on VW Golfs. Good visibility but quite irritating in a
traffic jam. I've seen quite a few done that way. They're supposed to fail
these in the annual inspection, it's still a mystery to me how these mods
seem to survive.

1988 80 1.8S (no front fog lights, 1 rear fog light used only in heavy fog)

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