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Calendar Wrap-up

Hi Y'all,

I am assuming that all the calendars which were ordered have arrived by now.
I hope everyone is satisfied.  

The original price estimate upon which the initial $25 cost was based was,
apparently, a bit high.  A more appropriate price would have been about $22
instead of $25.  After the calendars have been paid for (via wire directly
to Audi's bank yesterday) and my (strictly non-profit) expenses have been
covered, there is $137.01 remaining in the fund.  This works out to $3.11
per calendar, for a net cost of $21.89 each.

My original intent was that any remaining funds would be sent to Dan to help
him with his rebuild project, but I want your confirmation or objections
before I send Dan a check.

Anyone desiring a refund, please contact me within the next week and I'll
fire a $3 check off to you.  If I don't hear from from you before November
21, I'll send Dan a check for all unrefunded funds remaining.

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