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Turbo help 5ksT

Wow! It seems that everyone wants to get more ponies and has diff. ways to get
it out of their cars. So far, only one person has addressed the fact that I am
a "starving college student" and don't have $1200 dollars to spare. I really
don't want my 5ksT to go through heavy mechanical work, downtime, and
reliabilty questions. I really just want a few extra horses and I'd like an
idea of what to expect when or if I do them. I'm just looking for roughly 20
horses b/c of reliabilty and mileage concerns. I figured this much for the
throttle response improvement. I don't do 0-60. It's all highway driving. What
is the best and cheapest way to get this much from my car? I've figured out
about the valve in between the wastegate and solenoid and another between the
buffer and the ecu to fool the ecu in to keeping the pump on at over 1.6 bar.
So what would be the bast approach to do this. What kind of valves andd how
much adjustment do I make. I don't want to make baseline adjustments andf 3.0
bar, or whatever. Anyones help who has experience with this and can walk mne
through the whole thing including potential problem areas would be greatly
appreciated.The car is a KH 131 '84 5ksT with an auto (I know shut up!) Thanks
for the help! Thanks.........Steve
84 5ksT 60K MILES

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