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> From: Alan Cordeiro <cordeiro@avlna.com>

> There is a local North American Hella branch in Atlanta, Georgia.
> They sell to OEMs, do "aero" lamps for many local manufacturers
> mostly transplants.
> I have the phone number at home. However, for those in a hurry,
> you could call directory assistance.....
> Want to try for a group discount for euro lamps. We may hit the
> problem of not exactly meeting DOT. ???
> Alan

FYI, in talking with the vendor who is supplying my hi-power 9003 
lamps for my (long-anticipated-and-soon-to-be-installed) Euro lights, 
I found out they are about to become a Hella vendor.  I immediately 
gave the gent a pitch about the small but definite market which 
exists on this list for replacement lights.

The firm I was talking to is one of the two which advertises 
high-power lamps in Autoweek's classifieds.  Their DBA is JAZ 
Concepts.  I talked to a gent named Russ, who was interested in 
getting in on the Audi chatter on this list, so I forwarded him 
subscription instructions.  With some good fortune, perhaps Russ will 
be able to provide a direct link to Hella products for us.

I also advised him that prices would definitely be a consideration., 
and they'd have to be very competitive.

So, I will watch and observe.....

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