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Re: Redline now in Manual Trans in Coupe GT

>I just put Redline 75/90 in my transaxle last weekend.  It shifts
>terrifically.  Just like butter.  I'm even looking forward to cold

Well I just put Valvoline Synthetic 75/90 GL-5 in mine Monday night and
my reaction was the same.  Too bad we couldn't do a back-to-back
comparison.  I think my previous oil was original fill...  It was _thick_
& nasty!  I'll probably refill again in the spring to refresh.  Maybe
I'll use Redline then.  

This am was 8 degress and shifting was very smooth.  Made the clutch
travel feel positively gooey in comparison.

Ed Kellock        QCUSA Member #2882
Lansing, IA
91 200qw - Indigo blue, titanium leather
87 gt coupe - Alpine white, white leather, TSW Evo's