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I have a tough choice-any advice?

 As some of you know I have been looking for a urQ. I have been
negotiating over one here
locally for $8150. In general the car is a known quantity but the seller
has taken a month to 
get his life together enough to actually sell it to me.
 Now, however, I have been considering one in Denver. A couple of you
from that area have
been extremely helpful in offering to look that car over for me because
I'm Calif. and it sounds
like it maybe a great car-maybe better then the one here.
 But now this guy locally calls me today(when I'm in the middle an
important project) and
says "I have to sell it to you today! I can't wait another moment. Its
sell the car to you or
trade in my GTi to cover my bills due today. I'm doomed!"
 So heres the choices. 
1. renegotiate the one here for a better price and risk losing a black
one $6900 which maybe
2. Risk losing one I know for a potentially more desirable one.
Any opinions or welcome