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Re: 80Q Moose in the Heater

Hairy green toads from Mars made Igor Kessel say:

> Chris Soult wrote:
> > 
> > Now that the weather has turned cold in the North-East, I want to use
> > the heater in my car.  When I turn the fan on, however, it sounds like
> > there is a sick moose bellowing in my dash.  It is loud enough that I
> > have to turn the radio up really loud to drowned out the sound.

> Yes, I have it too. In my case it chirps like a cicade (sp?) and only
> happens when it's cold outside. Amasing thing: It becomes quiter when I
> accelerate and louder when I brake. My speculation is that the grease in
> the shaft/bronze bearing of the rotor of the fan's motor has dried out
> and the rotor has a radial play in the bearings. Can it be lubricated
> without having to go through the nightmare of the heater box removal?

Mine is the opposite; louder on acceleration.

I've lived with it for a year or so, someday I'll replace the motor.


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