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Re: USA Q-gathering

Glenn Lawton wrote:
> Randall C. Markarian wrote:
> > Well, there is obviously alot of interest in the Q-list gathering, and
> > many different ideas on what to do...
> Honestly, I really really don't mind reading/deleting these messages,
> and I am a firm believer in allowing ANY discussion, but I am starting
> to find this thread amusing because:
> It now dwarfs by a long shot the Kanc thread (which caught alot of
> crap for wasting bandwidth)

Which was targeted to anly a few on the list while we are trying to plan a 
whole list event.
> It seems a bit absurd, pardon me Osman, but how many people are
> really going to drive across the country for two days, to get to this?

Who knows?  But it might surprise you how many will.
> The Kanc idea started with an agenda, and all the discussion was about
> who was going to go, and when. The USA Gathering starts with who is
> going to go, and IMHO, will have an impossible time figuring out a route.

Thats is why the "route" idea won't work it needs to be a PLACE where we can 
meet up.  If some people want to do a "route" to the place (Indy) thats great.  
What we need to do is have a few people do the planning, once the interest in 
the event is shown, and inform the group of the details as it goes along, thus 
keeping the list traffic to a minimum.  I have volunteered my time, as Eric 
has of his time, and others as well.  If people want to do this I will help, 
if not then I have other things to do.  But, this could be a great trip!

Let the List-members speak.
> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not take this post the wrong way. I fully encourage
> all who are interested (I would be if it was in the Northeast), to keep
> talking this one until you worked out the best solution.
> (In fact, even if in the mid-West, I might consider it if an agenda and
> schedule were presented) And if it ever does happen, I would wish you all
> good fortune, and hope everyone has alot of fun.

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri