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Functions of multifunction switch - Sorry, I should have been more specific
about the application - on the standard 5K - not turbo - there's no
connection (temp to mixture) to the ECU. For turbo models, there may well
be. They could use the overheat switch to connect to waste-gate disable or
something, since it already cuts out the A/C if the car overheats.

I don't have the schematic for turbo cars, so I can't say.

(Is it just me, or does Audi not build two cars in a row the same?)

(And you're right, the Audi TV commercials are really blah.)

Comparison test: Had to drive my business partner's 1989 Caddie Eldo (103K
miles on it) from Orlando airport back here to Daytona two days ago. Drove
my Audi 5KS same route last week. NO COMPARISON! Caddie obviously had no
trouble going 75 MPH, but wallowed, groaned, swayed, lurched down the road
making creaking noises from the body - not much fun at all, and probably
would have been virtually uncontrollable at 90 MPH (didn't try - no thanks)
and this is a clean, fairly late model, well maintained car!

Contrast the Audi which seemed to say "Thanks for letting me go 75 MPH, now
can we go faster?" (Nope, sorry.)

And lest we think only Audis have electrical gremlins, the Caddie has a
"twilight sentinel" which turns the lights on for you at dusk (or is
supposed to). Anyway, we're trucking along and the headlights are flickering
bright-dim-bright-dim (not high to low beam and back, just brighter and
dimmer on low beam!). First we thought that the twilight sentinel was seeing
the mercury vapor street lights, but a few miles later it did it again where
there were no street lights at all! Also, the "Car is leveling" light went
on and off with the variation in headlight intensity. Neat trick, no?

Not my problem - he gets to take it back to the dealer and spend lots of
money not getting it fixed - there's NO Caddie/Eldo list HE can go to for

Mike Arman