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Re: USA Q-gathering

You know, some people are so thin skinned and defensive, that they
cannot, or refuse to, read the actual words. First I wrote:

> > Honestly, I really really don't mind reading/deleting these messages,
> > and I am a firm believer in allowing ANY discussion....
> >
> > PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not take this post the wrong way. I fully 
> > encourage all who are interested...to keep talking this one until 
> > you worked out the best solution...

Then Randall wrote:

> Which was targeted to anly a few on the list while we are trying to plan a
> whole list event.
> Let the List-members speak.

Why is everyone so eager to get their nose out of whack? Keep talking, I want 
you to, and I said so in my own words. BTW, how do you think we targeted
the Kanc run to only a few on the list? We invited everybody, and didn't 
even kick Osman out when he showed up without a New England License Plate.

C'mon everybody, lighten up. :-)