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Fan Chirps

>> Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a quick fix for this? Can it
>> be fixed by lubricating the fan? Where is the fan?
>Yes, I have it too. In my case it chirps like a cicade (sp?) and only
>happens when it's cold outside. Amasing thing: It becomes quiter when I
>accelerate and louder when I brake. My speculation is that the grease in
>the shaft/bronze bearing of the rotor of the fan's motor has dried out
>and the rotor has a radial play in the bearings. Can it be lubricated
>without having to go through the nightmare of the heater box removal?

In futile attempts to postphone the inevitable 4-6 hour task of
replacing the fan I sprayed silicone spray lube into the fan bearings
near the brushes. Sucessful in dramatically reducing the noise twice
for two or three month intervals.

Later the fan became "intermittant" this was solved for a few ( 6 months )
by pressing down on the brush-holder and forcing the worn brush back into
contaact with the commutator.

I "bought" a total of 16-20 months, and had to bite the bullet. I have a
new fan now, it was a BEAR to change, but look in the archives for 
a simpler faster way with a bit of "plastic surgery".