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Re: What is the date for Pikes Peak? [was: Re: Nucleus]

The race is always the last week of June ending over the 4th of July

Perhaps we could get Stapleton Int. Airport for track time? Colo Q club
put on a couple of nice events there last year for only $75 per car. I
couldn't make it but heard great stuff about it. Another possibility is
Pueblo Motor Sports park. They recently re-paved parts of the course. I
understand it is very cheap to rent. 

Disclaimer: I can see Pikes Peak from my window. So, yes, I would benefit
with very short drive to the event. :-)

> From: Steven Buchholz <steveb@falcon.kla.com>
> To: cpalmer@dingo.webo.dg.com
> > When is Pikes Peak scheduled??
> > 
> why ... I don't actually know!  [said with an embarassed look on his
> I thought I'd seen a message pass by with the date before, but couldn't 
> find it in my archives.  Perhaps someone on the list [Ben?/Dave?] can 
> enlighten us.