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Re: USA Q-gathering

how about something in the old MOTOR CITY?

> From: James Fawcett <jfawcett@mail.win.org>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re: USA Q-gathering
> Date: Thursday, November 14, 1996 12:37 AM
> Indianapolis sound like a great spot.  It is pretty will in the center of
> the US and I just think that this whole gathering sounds excellent.  I am
> student now in St. Louis so I am busy alot of the time but if there is
> anything I can do to help, let me know.  Randall and Eric, if you ever
> to call me for anything here are the numbers:  (314) 928-2170 or (314)
> 977-4400.  I really want to see something like this happen.  Let's get
> going.
> James Fawcett
> jfawcett@mail.win.org
> 1986 Audi 5k TQ
> Saint Charles, Missouri